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  ASP2000LX is a track system specifically developed for LED photo process. It automatically performs the entire coating and developing completely. AND’s original Smart Windows Software allows users to easily customize their equipment  operation to fit their environment. With the excellent performance and price competitiveness, ASP2000LX increases productivity of LED manufacturing.

•Wafer Material:  Sapphire / Glass/ Silicon

• Wafer Size: 2,4,6,8 inch • Max. 5-Spin(1Block) / 10-spin(2block)

• HP,CP,AD Unit (Max. 24Unit) • Spin RPM : 0~10,000rpm

• Pre-Thinner /EBR / B.R Nozzle

• Dev. & D.I. Dispense Nozzle

• Linear motor Robot Arm

 A and B   : centering finger     

 C               : Vacuum finger

• Windows based OS

 •High Productivity

•-Different Recipe Value Applied by Wafer .

 • Automated Turnover System by Wafer Size.    (2”⇔4”, 4”⇔”6”, 6”⇔8”)

• Linier Motor-Equipped High-Speed Wafer    Conveying Robot System.

• User-Oriented G.U.I Environment Operation.

• Automated System for Entire Process.

• Aligner and Stepper ln-line System. -Easy to Use, Comfortable Multi-Purpose Software Operation